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We are just two dear friends... [who happen to be cousins] that truly understand the importance of capturing life's fleeting moments + we enjoy spending our time transforming them in to everlasting memories.

Hi! I’m Nikki Thorsgard, also known as a mother-of-four, wife-of-a-rancher and lover-of natural-light-photography! I am so glad to have you here! I grew up (and currently live) in Northwood, ND and love being a small-town girl. My husband and I have four kids and live on a ranch outside of town. When I was growing up I took a photography class in high school. It was enjoyable (ok, very overwhelming, and I had no clue what I was doing) …. so, I continued my journey to obtain my business degree. However, things changed when I had my first baby. Pictures all the sudden became a necessity and I wanted to capture EVERYTHING! The time really does go too fast, so capturing the little things will be cherished for years to come! 
Fast forward a few years… I am now pursing my passion of capturing love, joy and happiness in photos. My goal is to deliver a fun, laid-back experience by focusing toward lifestyle photography (let the kids have fun 😊)! I enjoy getting to know my clients, and nothing makes me more excited than photographing the personalities, interactions, and photo worth moments in front of me! 

Hi there! I'm Trish! I’m a photographer, devoted mom and farm wife. Shortly after the birth of my children, I quickly realized how meaningful photography is to me. (I also realized how beautifully messy, crazy, exhausting, and unbelievably rewarding motherhood is.) As your kids are growing up you think you will remember every single one of those wonderful little moments of their childhood, but in all honesty I have started forgetting. (Those brand new baby days of my son are getting a little foggier each year that goes by... and admitting that to you makes me feel like the Peg Bundy of moms, so please don’t judge me haha!)
After facing the deeply saddening fact that you can’t possibly remember all those wonderful little moments, I turned to my love of photography to capture those precious fleeting memories. Which is why year after year my gratitude for photography only grows. 
It brings me so much joy to be able to help other preserve their own precious life's moments and milestones, because I understand just how truly important that is. I strive for my clients to have an enjoyable experience from start to finish! So I love fun filled sessions that allow everybody to be comfortable, interact and show their unique beauty + personalities.

So contact me, I would love to chat + capture your priceless memories!!      

Thanks for stopping by! We'll talk soon! 

Nikki Thorsgard

Trish  Sweeney

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