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Meet Nikki, also known as a mother-of-four, wife-of-a-rancher and family based photography! She grew up (and currently resides) in Northwood, ND and loves being a small-town girl. Nikki and her family live on a ranch outside of town with their two dogs. Before starting her photography career she obtained her business degree.

Her main goal is to deliver a fun, laid-back experience by focusing toward lifestyle photography. She especially enjoys getting to know her clients, and nothing makes her more excited than photographing the personalities, interactions, and photo worthy moments in front of her! 


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When we picked up our cameras our sole intention was to document our own children and capture the fleeting moments of their childhood. The first time we gathered to photograph our kids together we immediately knew that it was our passion.
From that day forward we whole heartedly devoted ourselves to cultivating our craft & teaching each other everything we possibly could along the way. Between the late nights, laughs, moments of pure joy, and even tears we have created this beautiful way to share our gift with others. 

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Meet Trish, devoted mom of three and photographer. Shortly after the birth of her children, she quickly realized how meaningful photography was to her. She also realized how beautifully messy, crazy, exhausting, and unbelievably rewarding motherhood is.

It brings Trish so much joy to be able to help other preserve their own precious life's moments and milestones, because she truly understands just how important that is. She strives for her clients to have an enjoyable experience from start to finish! She loves fun filled sessions that allow everybody to be comfortable, invoke emotion and show their unique beautiful connection.


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We will never get this time back with out children. Mia Freedman said it best:
"There are so many batshit crazy things about being a parent and one that definitely wasn’t in the brochure is the way you don’t actually parent one person, you parent many, many different people who are all your child.
There’s the newborn, the baby, the toddler, the pre-schooler, the primary aged kid, the pre-teen, the adolescent, the full-blown teen, the young adult and then the adult. They all answer to the same name. They all call you Mum. And you never ever notice the inflection point where one of those people turns into the next. You never get to properly say goodbye to all the little people who grow up because you don’t notice the growing, the changing. Except when Facebook sends you those bloody memory reminders that invariably make me cry because it’s like showing me the face of someone I can never see again. Not in that way. Not at that age."

Don't miss your chance to document all those little people.

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with seven children between the two of us we spend a lot of our free time carting our babies around and cheering our kiddos on from the sidelines. Soaking up all of the chaos and beauty in everyday motherhood. 

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when we aren't up to our necks in housework, editing and everyday life. we love to perfect our craft and travel to mentor with the best of business to feed our souls with as much photography education as possible.

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